2007 Beringer Nightingale – Napa Valley

This wine delivers aromas and flavors of honeyed apricots and peaches.


Dessert wine can be a nice change of pace for your holiday meals, to serve before or instead of dessert. There are several ways to produce dessert wines. The wine I selected is made from grapes infected with a beneficial fungus called botrytis cinerea. Botrytis is responsible for some of the greatest dessert wines in the world.

I’ve scored the 2007 Beringer nightingale [$32.99; PLCB code: 36226] at 96 points; it is available in stores or on the PLCB website. This wine, made from a combination of 67 percent sémillon and 33 percent sauvignon blanc grapes, is pure liquid gold. It delivers aromas and flavors of honeyed apricots and peaches with sweet fruit tastes that never seem to end. Serve in place of dessert or with a soft cheese such as Brie.

Rating: 96




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