2006 Paraduxx Napa Valley Red Blend

With hints of ripe cherry and dark fruit, this blend is perfect for the start of fall.

Fall is officially here, the leaves are turning and the faint sound of shotgun blasts can be heard in the distance. With hunting season upon us, it seemed only appropriate to feature the 2006 Paraduxx Napa Valley Red Blend from Duckhorn Vineyards.

What camo-wearing, gun-toting sommelier wouldn’t be attracted to this label featuring two—you guessed it—sitting ducks? I couldn’t resist—and I haven’t been hunting since my cousin Richard mistook his neighbor’s hunting dog for a deer (despite the fact that it was only small game season)!

This wine is just as tough as that labrador (who’s still looking over his shoulder this time of year). A blend of Zinfandel, Cabernet Sauvignon and Merlot, there is a pleasant jamminess on the nose with hints of chocolate and spice. It has tons of ripe cherry and dark fruit, a medium-to-full body, and a velvety finish that will give you a warm feeling as the nights cool off.

Duckhorn is a prolific winery that consistently puts out a reliable product under several brands: Duckhorn, Decoy, Paraduxx, Goldeneye and Migration. I’ve had good experiences with each, and this one will not disappoint. It fits my taste profile well, and you can find it at your local wine and spirits store for $44.99. I give it a 4.2 (out of 5). How would you rate it?

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