11 Real Pittsburgh Weddings

Chosen from more than 70 submissions, these 11 couples celebrated with lots of personal touches at local venues. We share all of the details that got them to “I Do.”

Where the Heart Is: Ryan Williams & Hannah Feldman

Hannah Feldman and Ryan Williams had a touch of inspiration from “The Princess Bride” in their day at her parents’ family home in Fox Chapel bordering Hartwood Acres.

Love & Family: Caty Kumar & Nina Turcic

Nina Turcic’s planned proposal to Caty Kumar got washed away by the tide until a group of bystanders stepped in.

Love Is Kind: Brad Weinbaum & Melissa Dougherty

When Brad Weinbaum told Melissa Dougherty he had been lying to her, she thought he was breaking up with her. Instead, he was proposing.

Dream Come True: Josh Kwiatkowski & Rachel Yarros

Josh Kwiatkowski literally made Rachel Yarros’ dream come true when he proposed on the shore of Lake Michigan.

Broke the Ice: Brad Cavanagh & Mary Maatta

Find out why Brad proposed on top of a romantic … parking garage?

Family Affair: Nick Hartzell & Carly Dittrich

Nick Hartzell and Carly Dittrich’s wedding day included a fake first look and a cardboard cutout of an important member of the family.

Straight Outta Love: Lee Davis & Jameeta Lewis

“I’m a movement by myself but I’m a force when we’re together” was a theme of Jameeta Lewis and Lee Davis’ big day.

Custom Fit: Jonathan Paros & Latitia Lattanzio

Jonathan Paros and Latitia Lattanzio’s day was timeless with personalized touches — and all about them.

L.A. Love: Tony Safran & Ashley Frohnert

Tony Safran and Ashley Frohnert had two celebrations, one in Los Angeles where they now reside and one in Pittsburgh, the “keystone” to their hearts.

The Greatest Adventure: Nick Cornell & Megan Parker

Nick Cornell and Megan Parker’s romance may have started off in high school, but the pair was meant to be.

Beyond Words: Jackson Boyd & Diana Battaglia

Jackson Boyd and Diana Battaglia custom-fit a Pittsburgh restaurant to serve as their reception venue complete with a river view and a donut bar.
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