Zombified Pittsburgh is the Best Kind of Pittsburgh

Artist Matthew Buchholz started making alternate history prints of our city. Now his monsters are taking over the world.


Ah, gaze upon this beautiful hand-drawn map Pittsburgh circa 1902. A simpler time. There’s ye olde Exposition Hall at the Point, there’s the railboard terminal … there’s the hellacious mutant river monster.

Is Minnie the Monster real? You tell us.

Alternative Histories creator Matthew Buchholz began crafting these monster-filled masterpieces in 2011. The Tisch School of Arts grad had shipped off to Pittsburgh to work at Lawrenceville’s Wildcard when he decided to resketch the city’s history by introducing monsters, aliens, robots and zombies into the historical maps and photos. Just look at this creepy print of zombies taking over Schenley Park.


… and this helpful map of zombie outbreaks from the 1800s.


Now Buchholz's little monsters have overtaken more than 35 cities and counting, but now Buchholz is launching a new project that’s sure to be an Interweb sensation: Cat-Astrophe Cards!


They’re like Hallmark greeting cards, only for cool people. Each $4 print displays larger-than-life felines demolishing historical landmarks in a furry fury. Although the cards span the globe, 100 percent of the proceeds from the prints will benefit Animal Friends, an animal center located in Pittsburgh that promotes and institutes spay and neuter programs to ensure strays don’t literally overtake our city.

One request, Mr. Buchholz: Please do a print with the Pitt Panther scaling the Cathedral of Learning like King Kong.

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