You've Never Seen a Car Commercial Like This

Produced by a Pittsburgh filmmaker and shot here, it's not your typical car commercial.


Most TV commercial directors have a mere 30 seconds to make their point. Andy Kelemen of Squirrel Hill usually gets a couple of minutes and the results are very entertaining. When the Ford Motor Company wanted a short film to help sell its new EcoBoost engine, it reached out to just five filmmakers around the world. One of them was Kelemen, who produced “Small But Mighty,” an amusing mockumentary to sell the theme that Ford's new engine managed to deliver “more power while using less fuel.”

The film’s comedic narrative revolves around the life of a slim man who at first struggles but then finds amazing use of his incredibly strong arms. The short is the result of a growing trend in branded content marketing, with companies reaching out directly to filmmakers and using short films to promote their products.

The film was shot entirely in Pittsburgh. Kelemen and collaborators John Fischerkeller and Danny Johnson worked with local talent agencies as well as Indian organizations to complete the all Indian cast.

“I loved how supportive Ford was of filming this in Pittsburgh, being it was for an international audience” Kelemen says. “We had a great time using fun visual effects and a silly narrative to help sell this unusual message.” Other films in the series came from South Korea, Australia, California, and China. Kelemen's film has been viewed over half a million times, has been featured on Ad Week, and is being used across Ford’s international online platforms.

Kelemen, a three-time regional Emmy Award winner, previously worked at WQED-TV. 

With over a decade of experience his documentary style ads have led him to working with a wide variety of brands such as American Express, Castrol, AT&T, and Slurpee.


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