Your New Pre-Game Bar is in Dormont

Forget the parking and the mad North Shore rush. Before you head to Heinz Field, make a stop at Cain's Saloon then head for the T.


In a sure sign that I am indeed a grown-up, I consider the parking implications of just about every trip I make. Whereas my teenage self would head anywhere without a thought and then grow incensed at the lack of easy vehicle accommodation, there now are some places that I hesitate to visit due to parking snarls. Like a certain music venue about an hour outside of town.

But that’s another rant.

Today’s subject: Heinz Field. Come game day, it can be tough to get there and pricey to park. The dilemma can become even more complicated when trying to settle on a pre- or post-game bar; do we park near where we want to eat, eat near where we want to park, get close to the stadium, get close to the river or some algebraic combination of those? Do we just stay home?

My new suggestion for your Steelers revels this year: do none of the above. Just go to Cain's Saloon.

The popular Dormont sports bar is a known quantity for most who live on that side of the tunnels. It is handy with pub grub, not too pricey for drinks and nearly always open (seriously; it’s up and running from 7 a.m. until 2 a.m. on weekdays and 8 a.m. until 2 a.m. on weekends). But the popular spot may also be the best pre-game bar in town, thanks to its proximity to the Dormont Junction of the T line; make a right out the front door of Cain’s and a left on Biltmore, and you can catch a train that will take you straight to Heinz Field for a mere $2.50.

Sure beats dropping a mortgage payment on a few square feet of North Shore concrete.

It’s not just the convenience, though: Cain’s is without question a great place to hang out. Every corporatized chain restaurant in America is trying to emulate what Cain’s naturally is — a relaxing, inviting place to fill up and linger. Grab a booth in the back room or a seat at the bar and you’ll see very little reason to leave the premises anytime soon. With a food and drink special for every day of the week, any visit can easily lead to a weekly tradition.

So as much as I like a good number of North Shore bars and restaurants, I’m going to have to recommend Cain’s as your Sunday go-to for this season. Not only will you avoid a half-dozen headaches and save plenty of cash, you’ll join legions of black-and-gold faithful en route to the game.

Will it make for a quiet, awkward ride back in the event of a loss? Definitely. But then you can return to Cain’s and find plenty of like-minded fans with whom you can loudly blame the officiating. Problem solved.


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