Your Name Here: The Sweet Initial Necklace

For a meaningful — and trendy — gift, customize the Tiny Disc necklace by Walnut Rose Jewelry with your child’s initials.

Dear parents of young children,

We know. Oh, how we know. As this holiday season approaches, we’re sure you’re in a frenzy trying to buy the latest toy(s) for your kiddos and/or pawing through the pages of the Toys “R” Us catalog looking for deals.

But as the big day approaches, don’t forget to treat yourself (or your significant other) to a little something. Heck, we even found a present — for you — that honors your kids.

Handcrafted in Pittsburgh by artisan Andrea Massaro, the Tiny Disc necklace [$28] by Walnut Rose Jewelry can be customized with the initials of your little ones or whomever you want to honor. We don’t discriminate against fur babies here!

Suspended on a 16-inch chain, the delicate discs come in yellow gold, sterling silver or (our personal favorite) an on-trend rose gold. 

The piece also looks great when layered with other necklaces. Our suggestion is to pair it with Walnut Rose’s sweet bar necklace in a hammered gold for a casual cool look.

Boom! Knock this present off your shopping list.

Available at Walnut Rose Jewelry


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