Young Fan Relishes Day Hanging with 'Cutch

After watching this delightful video, it's hard to tell who had more fun, the boy or his baseball idol.

If  you're looking for another reason to admire the Pirates' Andrew McCutchen, not that most people are, look no further than this story, which aired on ESPN's My Wish series Wednesday night. 

––Richard Cook



#SettingSail: Primanti's floating sandwich

Continuing in the tradition of colossal, inflatable things coming to Pittsburgh, a floating Primanti’s sandwich is set to hit the still muddy waters of the Allegheny River Sunday afternoon.

The boat (?) was originally built for’s entry into the EQT Pittsburgh Three Rivers Regatta’s “Anything That Floats Race.” But ever since the event’s cancellation because of dangerously fast currents over the regatta weekend, the Primanti’s sandwich has been stuck in its creator’s garage.

The Allegheny is calmer now and hopes a successful launch will raise $2,000 for the Pittsburgh Emergency Medicine Foundation — their original goal for the Regatta contest. The sandwich is scheduled to set sail between 1:15 and 1:45 p.m. Sunday and should be visible to fans heading into PNC Park for the Pirates-Nats' game.   

​It’ll be the first time the sandwich raft hits the water, so the float-makers recommend you have your recording devices ready just in case it sinks in some Titanic-esque catastrophe.  

––Brady Langmann




#MidnightMunchie: Brookie Delight

Back in 2011, an incredible hybrid-confection hit our radar while searching for Best of the 'Burgh ideas. It was a no-brainer to declare the Brookie Delight, a half-chocolate chip cookie / half-brownie hybrid piece of heaven, our best dessert invention of that year.  You can enjoy them simply with glass of milk, or you can dress them up with ice cream or M&M’s. These delicious treats are local too —  they’re made by Tina Paletta and Sue Luschini from The Cookie Tray Inc., a wholesale bakery in Mars, Pa. Once sold in just a few shops, we're happy to report Brookie has reached the next level. Right now, you can pick ‘em up at Costco, but you better hurry. These confections are only available for a limited time.

––Elaina Zachos



#GiftIdeas: Black & Gold sweaters

It is presumably never too early to start your holiday shopping. 

If you're looking for an ugly Christmas sweater – these are available now at the


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