You take the good, you take the bad and you make a list.

The other day I was pondering the fact that Pittsburgh was ranked the most livable city in the U.S. by Forbes, which in turn made me recall that Pittsburgh was also ranked the 29th most livable city in the entire world just last year, which in turn made me recall that we appeared recently on some "fittest city" list, which in turn made me crave cookies. So I went and ate some cookies and then decided to research to see what other lists Pittsburgh has made recently, and even a few we didn’t make.

Let’s start with the lists we made either in 2010, or 2009 if the respective 2010 list hasn’t yet been released:

There are probably dozens and dozens of other lists Pittsburgh made, but here are a few lists we did not make:

  • Top ten worst winter weather cities: I bet we make the top ten once they take Snowmaggedon 2010 into account for the next list.
  • Top 20 most miserable cities: Whew! We’re not miserable! But with five cities on the list, Ohio might want to try some happy pills.
  • Top 14 worst teeth cities: This pleases me considering some of the toothless folks the local news stations manage to interview most days.
  • Top 7 cities for body odor: And joy! We might have bad hair and bad skin and we might be a bit overweight while breathing in some less-than healthy air…but we’re not stinky! Here’s hoping we weren’t number 8.

Surprisingly, my searches for a listing of cities with the most pigeons were fruitless. I was almost 100% sure I was going to find a list and it would say:
     U.S. Cities with the Most Pigeons:
     1. [GPS coordinates of PittGirl’s current location]

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