Yinzer Christmas Came Early

PittGirl reveals the first item on her 2013 Yinzer Gift Guide extra early because you’ve all been such good boys and girls.


I'm one of those people. The kind of person who walks into Kohl's in late October to find the place spotted with decorated Christmas trees and wants to Chuck-Norris-roundhouse-kick them to the ground — store security cameras and bail money be damned.

I don't like Christmas invading my Halloween, let alone my Thanksgiving.

Does this happen in other countries or just in holiday-obsessed America? I wonder if people in Mexico are all, "If I see one more Day of the Dead decoration, I will scream. It's Cinco de Mayo for crying out loud!"

I'll ask my husband. He'll probably sit me down and explain to me, once again, that they don't celebrate Cinco de Mayo in Mexico. Then he’ll give me some book on Mexican traditions, and I’ll smile and nod sincerely, but secretly …


If you feel the same way I do, I hope you'll forgive me as I'm about to reveal the first item on the 2013 Yinzer Holiday Gift Guide. In early October. Don't Chuck-Norris-roundhouse-kick me! I have a good reason: It might take up to four weeks for local designer Mundania Horvath to take a picture of your Pittsburgh house and turn it into a gorgeous piece of illustrated framable art that would be the perfect ’Burghy gift for someone in your life who places sentimental value on their home.

Mundania writes the Steeltown Anthem blog and currently runs her own design company, Reconstructing Ideas. Her site featuring the home illustrations, Pittsburgh Digs, is her passion and side hobby.



“I find beauty in the historic and the modern,” Mundania says. “I love driving around the local neighborhoods and observing the architectural styles of the homes here.”

You can commission an illustration of your own house, but you should get that request in soon because, while Mundania says she can turn requests around quickly if need be, it’s better safe than sorry when it comes to this perfect ’Burghy gift.

Check out the gallery below for more examples of her slick illustrations.

So that's one item revealed on this year's list. I'll unveil the rest of the list in late November. If I do it any earlier, I'll brace myself for your best Chuck Norris impression.



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