Word Art: Say It With Style

Express the way you feel without saying a word.

photo by laura petrilla


Printed artwork featuring inspirational — and in some cases informational — quotes is one way to add personality to your home or office. Want to create a personalized message? House15143 and Sweet Water Décor, both based in Sewickley, offer customized prints tailored to your taste. 

  1. Black-and-white prints from Sweetwater Décor are $16. 
  2. Framed black-and-white prints from House15143 are $49.
  3. Framed gold-foil prints from House15143 are $59.
  4. Gold-foil prints from Sweetwater Décor are $18.

The Stores

House15143, 436 Beaver St., Sewickley; 412/259-8953, house15143.com
Sweet Water Décor, www.sweetwaterdecor.com

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