Women of the Pittsburgh Art World Model for ModCloth

#styleforall Campaign Brings Fashion to Everyday Women

photos courtesy modcloth


The indie-vintage retailer ModCloth has been using staff members and everyday women as fashion models since 2015 – and now, its newest collection is being showcased by women shaping the local art scene.

According to Fashion Director Lizz Wasserman, this month’s clothing collection was inspired by the pop-art optimism of the 1950s and 60s, so it seemed only fitting to reach out to local artists to act as models.


“We ask our extended community to help us reach out to talented, inspiring women in the field we are focused on monthly,” says Wasserman. “Then, we ask women we find to recommend their friends — it’s pretty organic.”

Reaching out to everyday women is typical of ModCloth’s #styleforall campaign, which aims to highlight female success and make fashion accessible to all.

“[The campaign] really speaks to the brand values of ModCloth,” says Wasserman. “We are an inclusive, body-positive brand that supports female empowerment. We believe style and great clothing should be available to all women, and we want to help women be the best version of themselves.”


Once ModCloth invites a woman to model, Wasserman says, she is styled in a product that she loves and best reflects her own personal style. Wasserman hopes that, in this way, the campaign can encourage women everywhere to forge their own path: not only in fashion, but also in their careers.

“I would hope these shoots featuring interesting and smart women inspire other women to be their best selves and try something new … like making that documentary they’ve been thinking about, writing that book or starting that nonprofit,” says Wasserman. “ModCloth helped start the “real-casting” movement, and ModCloth will continue to work to show the world how inclusive — and fun — fashion can be.”

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