Women & Business September 2018: Kristen Gabrielli

Kristen Gabrielli is a client engagement manager at management consulting firm Aspirant.

Kristen Gabrielli
Client Engagement Manager

Throughout her life, Kristen Gabrielli has always enjoyed connecting people to their passion and enabling them to be successful in whatever they choose. 

As a client engagement manager at Aspirant — a management consulting firm that offers a broad range of services including marketing and sales, organizational effectiveness and technology —  Gabrielli works to build relationships with local businesses to determine how her company can bring value to their organizations. 

“Our unique strategy of developing our business geographically means that our consultants can live and work in the same city,” Gabrielli says. “This approach will enable us to continue to become trusted advisors to our clients and to continue to attract top talent from the larger, more traditional consulting firms.”

In addition to her work at Aspirant, Gabrielli has a passion for volunteering with local organizations to give back and make an impact in her community. 

Gabrielli volunteers with an organization called Power that helps women in recovery get back on their feet and assimilate back into the business world. She also volunteers with the Women’s Center & Shelter of Greater Pittsburgh, helping to bring awareness to and prevent domestic abuse. At Aspirant, she was part of a team that developed the RUSafe App for the Women’s Center & Shelter, an app that assesses the potential for domestic violence and harm in a dangerous relationship. 

“The support we’ve received from the community has been remarkable and I did not do that alone,” she says. “Our team at Aspirant has been a driving force in making such an impact on so many.”
When Gabrielli first started her career, a mentor advised her to “treat the janitor the same as you would treat the CEO and you’ll never go wrong.” She now offers her own advice to other women in business, telling them to lead by example, give back and seek feedback. 

“Be your authentic self, because it takes a lot of energy to be someone you aren’t and eventually it will wear you down,” she says. 

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