Women & Business September 2018: Hastie D. Kinter

Hastie D. Kinter is the Treasurer and Newspaper in Education Coordinator at Indiana Printing and Publishing and the owner of Lucy Rae, a clothing boutique in Indiana.

Hastie D. Kinter  
Treasurer and Newspaper in Education Coordinator, 
Indiana Printing and Publishing 
Owner, Lucy Rae

You could say that publishing is in Hastie Kinter’s blood — Indiana Printing and Publishing, where she is the Newspaper in Education Coordinator and treasurer of the board of directors, was purchased by her great-grandfather in 1911 and is still a family-owned business. 

As the Newspaper in Education coordinator, Kinter is responsible for the creation and integration of a program that works with local schools to encourage citizenship education and to encourage children to read and to understand the importance of lifelong learning. Started in 1985, the program provides students the chance to participate in the publication of a student supplement, a summer reading program and a journalism workshop. 

“Making a difference in my community is important to me, whether through our businesses or through volunteer efforts,” Kinter says. 

She is also the owner of Lucy Rae, a boutique in the heart of her hometown, Indiana.  Founded in 2008, the shop offers clothing, accessories, housewares and baby items. Kinter handles the management of the store, the advertising, accounting, event planning, scheduling and buying. 

“When opening the store, our goal was to provide a unique shopping experience and great customer service,” she says. “This has led to a loyal customer base, for which we are very grateful.”

Kinter was named an Indiana County Civic Leader in 2010 and was awarded the Heart of Downtown Indiana in 2008. She is successful, but admits that being a woman in business can be challenging. 

“It takes courage, vision and lots of hard work to be successful,” she says.
She adds that having support from family and friends is essential and offers up the best advice she has ever received: “We also need to get comfortable being uncomfortable at times. Never hesitate to ask for help."

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