Women & Business Oct. 2017: Abigail Gardner

Abigail Gardner is owner of Scottie Public Affairs.

Abigail Gardner
Scottie Public Affairs


Self-described as “candid” and “tenacious,” Abigail Gardner chose the name of her firm, Scottie Public Affairs, to reflect the hard work she would put in for her clients.

“The reason I picked the name Scottie is in part because of Scottish heritage, but because terriers have this reputation for being fighters and being loyal, and I wanted my clients to know I would bring that approach in working for them,” she says.

As the owner and founder, Gardner works to help clients, who are usually issue advocacy groups or in the corporate or political world, tell a story and connect with the audiences that matter.

Gardner grew up in the North Hills and spent time as an advance staffer for the Obama campaign, on Capitol Hill and at a consulting firm in Washington, D.C., before moving home to Pittsburgh and starting her firm two years ago.

Gardner helps clients with a variety of tasks, such as pitching press, writing and managing digital content. For her, every day is different, and she says that she has to be a generalist who can handle many different things because the space is evolving.

“I will say the happiest I’ve ever been is working for myself,” Gardner says about founding her company. She adds that one of the most fulfilling things she does is provide her work pro bono to help groups and nonprofits that otherwise wouldn’t have the financial resources.

To other women working in business, Gardner says a secret to her professional success has been working with other women.

“Find other good women to have in your network,” she says. “I work with other women-owned small businesses pretty consistently. I rely on them, they rely on me. We all win.” 

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