Women & Business July 2019: Valerie Visconti

Valerie Visconti is a Financial Planning Advisor at VALIC Financial Advisors, Inc. & AIG Retirement Services.

Financial Planning Advisor
VALIC Financial Advisors, Inc. & AIG Retirement Services 

As a financial planning advisor, Valerie Visconti holds the philosophy that everyone — regardless of age or net worth
 — deserves a financial plan.

“Through the development of this plan, my clients are empowered to make smarter financial decisions, which will help provide for their family, achieve their financial goals, fund their retirement or just know they are ‘on the right track,’” she says.

Visconti has been associated with the VALIC companies since 1994 and says her goal is to help clients live retirement on their own terms. She is able to help clients with a range of financial services and investment options, such as retirement planning, mutual funds, college planning, disability insurance and life insurance.

“I am dedicated to my clients and their financial welfare and go the extra mile to service them,” Visconti says.
Self-described as competitive within a professional context, dedicated to her clients and self-motivated, Visconti hopes to continue building her client portfolio and branch out to south Florida, where she and many of her clients own second homes.

Visconti has received many awards through her company, but says despite the success in her career, she is always reminded, “you owe an obligation to society in general and to our fellow man, many of whom are less fortunate.”  
“To this end, I find joy and happiness in serving my individual clients and institutional clients such as Pressley Ridge, who work tirelessly for those children, adults and families who face difficult challenges and complex situations,” she says. 

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