Women & Business July 2018: Rachel German

Rachel German is Owner of Mathnasium of Cranberry Township, Murrysville and McCandless.

Rachel German
Mathnasium of Cranberry Township, Murrysville and McCandless

As the owner of three Mathnasium locations, Rachel German is fully involved in taking care of the operational side of her businesses. But, she also finds time to fulfill her passion of teaching at each center.

“I enjoy watching children grow and have those ‘light bulb’ moments,” she says.

A math-only learning center, Mathnasium provides math education for children who need to catch up or get ahead. The centers work with all ages, from kindergarten to college and occasionally adults.

German opened the Murrysville Mathnasium in August 2012. Since then, she has opened two other locations and has taught more than 1,500 students in the area.

“Mathnasium was not a household name when I opened in Murrysville, so I really had to sell the brand and myself, too,” she says. “After almost six years in business, I really think of Mathnasium as a franchise with strong presence in all major cities, and I hope I have helped with this in the Pittsburgh area.”

German, who describes herself as determined and competitive with a kind soul, advises other women in business to keep plugging, even when days seem long or they feel like nothing is working out.

“Nothing great is ever achieved without much enduring,” she says.

This year, German will be opening her fourth center and is also exploring expanding operations into California; her daughter will be going to college in Los Angeles.

“I need an excuse to visit frequently,” she says with a laugh.

But German gives the credit for her success to the team that she has assembled during her time in business.

“From the part-time teachers to the full-time managers, I have been truly blessed with the most intelligent and caring staff to teach math to the children of Pittsburgh,” she says.

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