Women & Business July 2018: Erin Hart

Erin Hart is Founder & Director of Farm to Table Western PA and Director of Health Benefit Services for American HealthCare Group.

Erin Hart 
Founder & Director, Farm to Table Western PA  
Director, Health Benefit Services, American HealthCare Group

Erin Hart was born and raised and Pittsburgh — and while she loves living in the city and plans to stay here with her husband to raise their three children, she also wants to make it a better place.

As the founder and director of Farm to Table Western PA and the director of Health Benefit Services for American HealthCare Group, Hart created and manages many of the key programs for both businesses.

American HealthCare Group provides health and wellness programs to schools, employers and residents in affordable housing communities. In 2009, Hart got her health insurance license and now has more than 600 individual clients whom she helps with their Medicare Supplement or Medicare Advantage plans.

Founded in 2007, the mission of Farm to Table Western PA is to connect consumers, communities and businesses to local food growers and producers. In May, Hart helped to launch Farm to Table Buy Local, which assists low-income communities in food and transportation deserts throughout western Pennsylvania and increases awareness of urban and sustainable agriculture industries.

Self-described as determined and lucky, Hart applies the best advice she’s received to her everyday life. Her father told her, “If someone else can do it, so can we.” 

She now gives her own advice to other women, especially those in Pittsburgh: Use your networks to grow your business.

“These networks could be from school, family and friends, places of worship and career – don’t be afraid to tell people what you do,” she says.  

“Also, know when you have to do the work yourself and when you need to bring in others either to delegate to or to advise you.”

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