Women & Business July 2016: Veronica Guarino

Guarino is co-owner of Louis Anthony Jewelers.

Veronica Guarino
Louis Anthony Jewelers


Beholding the 6,500-square-foot store complete with a goldsmith shop and conference area, it’s hard to imagine Louis Anthony Jewelers began in a 900-square-foot room. 

“It felt like the natural thing to do,” Veronica Guarino says of opening the store with her husband in 1990. “My husband had 10 years of experience in the jewelry industry and that served to guide us in selecting the perfect merchandise and in making people feel welcome and appreciated as customers. All elements that we felt were necessary in a retail store.”

And while many couples would be hesitant to go into business together, Guarino says, “It was great!” She attributes much of their success as business partners to their distinct roles within the company.

“Lou has always been on the buying, merchandising and vendor relationship side. I have always handled marketing and advertising. Being his biggest fan, it was natural for me to want to brand him,” says Guarino, who coined Louis Anthony’s well-known slogan 

“Have We Met…Yet?”  

Today, the whole family is in on the business, with Guarino’s children working in marketing, sales and design.

“I could not imagine another work scenario,” she says. “We enjoy each other so much as coworkers and family members. I truly have the best of both worlds.”

“Whether a family member or not, we take care of each other. In all my years of working, the best camaraderie I have experienced exists at Louis Anthony,” says Guarino. “We have tossed the idea around of another location in the city and even outside of the state. The challenge is that the strength of our brand is in the dynamic that is created with us all working together.”

While an expansion may be in the store’s future, for now, Guarino is focused on maintaining the Louis Anthony brand.

“I want to continue to create memorable campaigns and have our ads show up in unexpected locations,” she says. “I love the element of surprise.”


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