Women & Business July 2016: Elizabeth Gregg

Gregg is an entrepreneur and founder of Environmental Service Laboratories, INC.

Elizabeth Gregg
Entrepreneur, Founder
Environmental Service Laboratories, INC.


As a President, CEO, Board Member and award-winning businesswoman, Elizabeth Gregg holds many titles, but the one with which she identifies most is entrepreneur.

“I think I have a true entrepreneurial spirit,” says Gregg. “I own a few diversified companies. What’s common to most of them is they were started from the ground up.”

 Environmental Service Labs, an accredited water, wastewater and soil testing lab, was founded in 1988 through Indiana University of Pennsylvania’s Small Business Incubator. Seventeen years later, Gregg founded Environmental Land Surveying and Solutions, which provides engineering and surveying services as a sister company to ESL.

In 2013, Gregg partnered with Elk Lake Capital.  She remains as Founder and a significant shareholder of both companies.  “I am still intimately involved with the companies and, as founder, continue to contribute to their growth and future.”

She considers this partnership with Elk Lake one of her greatest career accomplishments.  “This transition is giving me a taste of running a business beyond a lifestyle one, and it gives me reassurance of worth,” she says. “Nothing like a valuation and nice check to know the value of decades of hard work and risk taking.” 

Like a true entrepreneur, Gregg says she is “always looking for new opportunities.”

The most recent opportunity to present itself was the Phoenix Spa & Salon, a luxury spa in Blairsville, Pennsylvania that Gregg opened in 2013.

While Gregg boasts countless career achievements and several awards and recognitions, she points out that her path has seen its share of roadblocks.

“There are always challenges and obstacles no matter who you are or what your experience or education is,” she says.

In the face of such challenges, though, Gregg perseveres.

“I am a team builder and almost never throw my hands up. My mistakes are the soul of the company and my successes are the heart.”


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