Women & Business February 2019: Shannon J. Gregg

Shannon J. Gregg is President of Cloud Adoption Solutions and Principal Consultant with M.Masters.

Shannon J. Gregg
Cloud Adoption Solutions 
Principal Consultant

Shannon Gregg is busy. The president and founder of Cloud Adoption Solutions is also a principal consultant with M.Masters, a speaker and a mother to a 6-year-old — and somehow is also finding the time to earn her doctorate in community engagement at Point Park University.

“Women in business face different societal and professional challenges, and knowledge is power,” she says.

Gregg calls Cloud Adoption Solutions a change-management, digital-transformation focused Salesforce.com consultancy that specializes in process optimization for sales productivity. “We are all about getting sales teams to do what they do best — sell — by improving efficiency and effectiveness via automation,” she says. 

As president of the company, founded in June 2018, she has a hand in everything. Her favorite part of the job is solving a challenge that will make someone’s life work better — and she’s glad to be doing it from Pittsburgh, her hometown. 

“I love what’s happening in Pittsburgh right now,” Gregg says. “The innovation and the energy are palpable, but that same old Mister Rogers kindness is still here.”

In the same spirit as the Pittsburgh hero, Gregg says that she is most herself when she’s helping others — just as other people have helped her. “I believe your own legacy is dependent on the people that you positively impact,” she says. 

Gregg was recognized as a “Top Sales Operations Leader to Watch” and was a “Pittsburgh 50 Finest” alumni. To other women in business, she advises creating the future you want by being your own PR firm, taking initiative and never being afraid of the word “no.”

“If you don’t ask, you’re already at that ‘no,’ so never be afraid to put forward your new and innovative ideas,” she says.

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