Women & Business February 2019: Jennifer Novotny Mulrooney

Jennifer Novotny Mulrooney is Senior Counsel, Business Transactions at FedEx Ground and Member and Secretary of the Governing Board of Directors at Pressley Ridge.

Jennifer Novotny Mulrooney 
Senior Counsel, Business Transactions
FedEx Ground 
Member Secretary, Governing Board of Directors
Pressley Ridge

Jennifer Novotny Mulrooney has visited more than 25 countries on four continents and is passionate about volunteering for causes such as animal welfare and those facing difficult challenges.

“I do not live to work; I work to live,” she says. “I hope to continue to have a career that allows me to pursue my passions in life.”

Mulrooney graduated from Ohio University and Case Western Reserve University School of Law and joined FedEx Ground in 2012. In her position as Senior Counsel of Business Transactions, she works with business partners to negotiate commercial contracts, real estate leases and purchase and sale agreements. She also counsels her business partners on best practices for negotiating commercial transactions and how to minimize risk to the company.

“My greatest career accomplishments are when I have been recognized by my clients for my service to their projects,” she says.

In addition to her career, Mulrooney became associated with Pressley Ridge in 2014; the same year she married her husband, Jeff. She is the secretary of the Governing Board of Directors and is a member of the Executive Committee, Audit and Compliance Committee, Development Committee and Property Committee for 2019.

Self-described as discreet, industrious, logical, deliberate, self-confident and methodical, Mulrooney received a FedEx Ground Business Excellence Award in 2016 and 2018. She also has been selected to participate in the FedEx Global Leadership Corps in 2019; this winter she will spend a month in Cambodia assisting local NGOs with their missions and business development efforts.

Mulrooney believes that it is important to mentor the next generation of women attorneys and has participated in many University of Pittsburgh and Duquesne University law school networking events and panel discussions. To her, it is important to help women set goals — and then support them in achieving those goals. She advises other women in business to know who they are and be themselves.

“Don’t let others determine your career path,” she says. 

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