Women & Business April 2018: Dani Kazienko

Dani Kazienko is Senior Corporate Counsel at Giant Eagle, Inc.

Dani Kazienko
Senior Corporate Counsel
Giant Eagle, Inc. 

If you’ve bought wine and beer at your local Giant Eagle, thank Dani Kazienko. If you’ve had your groceries delivered to your car while you wait, or even delivered to your front door, thank her for that, too. Kazienko, an attorney in Giant Eagle’s legal department, handles real estate, alcohol licensing, mergers and more and has been an integral part of the teams working to make these advances.

​Kazienko has a degree in economics from West Virginia University, a law degree from Boston College Law and an MBA from Carnegie Mellon University. After graduating and bouncing around in her career, Kazienko joined the team at Giant Eagle four years ago. She says that she’s never bored, always has something new to challenge her and uses her business and legal knowledge to help the company.

“It is very rewarding to work in an industry such as grocery that touches the lives of nearly everyone nearly every week,” she says.

Last year, Kazienko’s team was awarded the Giant Eagle Chairman Entrepreneurial Leadership & Innovation Award for their work in getting wine in supermarkets. More recently, their Settlers Ridge Market District became the first supermarket in Pennsylvania to sell wine since Prohibition, a milestone they were excited to celebrate.

Kazienko says the best advice she’s ever received is not to be afraid to take an opportunity or chance because you think you’re not qualified. A mentor once told her that every successful person he knew had felt like they were in over their head during at least one point in their career. Her advice to other women in business follows the same vein.

“Unfortunately, many women don’t ask for what they want because of a fear of being seen as bossy, pushy or for some other reason. I’ve had numerous occasions where I never expected the person on the other side to say yes but asked anyway and was surprised by a positive response,” she says. “Don’t be afraid to ask for what you think you’re worth or what you need.”

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