Women & Business April 2016: Judy Wagner-Sieber

Wagner-Sieber is Vice President & CFO of Bayer Medical Care Inc.

Judy Wagner-Sieber
Vice President & CFO
Bayer Medical Care Inc.

For more than 30 years, Judy Wagner-Sieber’s career has been one of continual growth – with a career moving her from New York to Toronto, and all the way back home to Pittsburgh. 

“As a Pittsburgh native, growing up I never imagined that I would experience many of the things in life that I have,” says Wagner-Sieber, who graduated from Duquesne University with a degree in business management and finance. “After graduation, I was offered an opportunity near New York City and set off on my first real adventure working in accounting.”

There, she worked at a company that was eventually acquired by Bayer, where she moved to the commercial side of the business. Bayer is an innovation company, specializing in health care and agriculture. They develop new molecules to use in products and solutions to improve the health of humans, animals and plants. 

​Wagner-Sieber started as vice president and chief analytics officer for the Bayer HealthCare business in Canada, before rising to vice president and chief financial officer for Bayer Medical Care in Indianola, Pa. She notes Bayer as a progressive employer that proactively leads diversity initiatives “not only to attract women and minority employees but also to offer real opportunities for career growth.”

“Currently, I’m leading global strategic business initiatives that are quite complex and have presented new challenges,” says Wagner-Sieber, who leads these initiatives to design and implement new business models for the radiology business. “They’ve literally taken me around the world, meeting many new colleagues and learning how to work in and respect the different cultures and business environments. I wouldn’t trade these experiences for anything.”

Some of her key accomplishments since joining Bayer include: overseeing a multi-million dollar operating expense budget in Canada and defining and implementing multi-million dollar operational expense reductions to offset a shortfall of sales. 

​Wagner-Sieber, who strongly believes in the importance of balancing work and her supportive family, is an executive board member of the American Heart Association and a volunteer for the National Cancer Society.


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