Wish List: Not Sure What to Register For? We're Here to Help

Brides reflect on their wedding-registry successes (and their regrets about what they didn’t request).

“I would have registered for more home furnishings, such as a bedroom set or dining and living room furniture. There are also many unique registries that would have been neat, such as myregistry.com … [and] hatchmyhouse.com, a gift registry to save for the purchase of a home.” Matea Bencic, who married Matthew Kozlovac on Sept. 26, 2015

trip assist
“Probably one of my favorite things we did is offer a ‘Honeymoon Fund’ gift. Wedding planning is stressful and expensive; any little bit extra that we received to put towards our honeymoon was fantastic.” Alyssa Gaston, who married Adam Bania on July 31, 2015

travel in style
“I wish we would have registered for new, sturdy luggage. We went on a two-week honeymoon, and we schlepped around our old, broken, mismatched suitcases. It’s not the worst thing in the world, but it would have been great to have a nice set of fully functioning and coordinating pieces. We also travel quite a bit, so it’s something that we would have put to good use.” Anna Zagari, who married Aaron Chandler on Jan. 30, 2016

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