Why the Browns Could Take a Few Social Media Tips from the Penguins

It seems the 'Burgh's boys of winter are popping up everywhere on the Internet.

How cool is it that your star center also is the star of this NHL video by GoPro? This video is being shared everywhere. 

Sidney Crosby's stickhandling is legendary, but his move at the end when he flips the puck to himself from behind the net and slams it in from mid-air is just. Sick.

#Speaking of stickhandling

Another popular video on the net right now requires a keen eye. Watch closely as Crosby snags teammate Patric Hornqvist's stick from the ice during Tuesday's game against the Capitols. 

Evgeni Malkin grudgingly acknowledged the move on his Facebook page: "Oh, give us a break, he got lucky :). Or did he? Very cool!"

#Off the ice

The post just hit Twitter early Friday. Expect loads of retweets. 

#Fan excitement

How else could you feel?

#While in Cleveland

The Browns, removed from the playoffs since 2002, hoped the launch of their new logo would inspire some fan excitement. The Twittersphere was not impressed. 

Aren't you glad you live in Pittsburgh?



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