Where's the Flu Bug Biting Hardest? There's an App for That

The Doctors Report Illness Tracker has the scoop on germ hotspots all over the region and beyond.

Nothing rains on your parade more than actual rain. Be it planning a vacation, a fun outing or an outdoor event, we constantly rely on accurate weather forecasts for our decisions on what to pack and what to do. What if we could apply the same kind of data used to predict weather to check for common illnesses?

That is the idea behind Doctors Report ™ Illness Tracker ™, a new website and mobile app released by Pittsburgh-based Knox Spencer Associates, LLC. On the site, users have access to local doctors’ reports (with all personal information removed and thus ‘de-identified’) so they can personally manage their exposure to common and potentially serious illnesses by tracking where and when they happen.

The Doctors Report app is powered by the same data that health providers and others have used to understand and analyze outbreaks of contagious diseases and other spreading health risks. Users can see national trends or track illnesses right down to their ZIP codes. They can also break down the illnesses by age group: infant, toddler, school age, teen, college age, adults and older adults.

When you’re torn between eating out in Bloomfield or Mount Washington, when you’re not sure which playground to take your kids to or when you’re figuring out which bar you’re going to watch the game at, check the Doctors Report Illness Tracker app or site to see where the most common and prevalent infectious health risks are.

The diseases users can track are the flu, flu A, strep, bronchitis, pneumonia, conjunctivitis, mononucleosis, common cold and cold symptoms, sinusitis, croup, Lyme disease, otitis media or ear infection, MRSA, RSV and gastroenteritis.

“The Doctors Report website and app is for everyone, from parents of young children trying to avoid illnesses like strep, or senior citizens and people with chronic conditions like asthma, who try hard to manage their exposure to health risks, to just someone planning a business trip or a vacation,” said Knox Spencer CEO and Doctors Report creator Dan Shaw in a press release.

Doctors Report ™ Illness Tracker ™ is available as a free download via the App Store, Google Play and Amazon. It is also available on the company’s website, doctorsreport.com.

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