When Young Love Lasts

This couple proved that your first love can also be your last.

Photos by Laurel Mountain Photography


Although not high school sweethearts in the traditional sense, Melissa Hrabic and Nathan Glasser earn a spot on the list for being together for almost that long.

The couple met while students at West Mifflin Area High School. Both in the marching band, they would always sit together in the bandstands during football games.

“We were friends throughout high school, but I always had a crush on him,” Melissa, 25, says.

“When the marching band led us to Disney World, my only wish under the fireworks was for a chance with Nate.”

Nathan, 26, didn’t ask Melissa for a date until after she moved two-and-a-half hours away for college, but the rest is history.

The couple wed on June 18 after and being together for seven years.

“We grew up together, learned how to be adults together [and] formed our lives together from the beginning rather than having to mesh them,” the couple says.

“We have years of memories together, our friends all know one another [and] we really just had the opportunity to carve out who we are as independent adults together.”

Although the couple spent the past four and a half years living in Atlanta (and just moved back to West Mifflin two weeks ago,) they knew that they wanted to get married in Pittsburgh and chose The Country Place in North Huntingdon.

“We wanted a sweet, simple ceremony and a big reception afterwards with our family and friends and to have all of our loved ones with us to celebrate,” Melissa says.

The wedding included a color-coordinated candy bar, a bridal party flash mob and a special private moment between the couple before their ceremony.


“We got the opportunity to be together before our ceremony without seeing one another and compromising our ‘first look’ as Melissa walked down the aisle. We stood on opposite sides of a pillar, and got to hold hands and chat, but didn't see one another,” Nathan says.

Although they admit that being together for so long can create challenges, Melissa and Nathan know the secrets to making it work.

“Enjoy each other. It's a unique opportunity to go through big milestones together for the first time, and it's so awesome to look back and see how far you've come together,” they say. “At the same time, it's important to still be an individual. Have nights apart with your respective friends, and you'll enjoy each other more when you come back together.”

“However, it's also important to keep the spark alive. Plan fun date nights and try new things together to break up life's daily routine!”

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