When in Rome: More Of What You Need To Know.



  • Chicco di Grano: Via degli Zingari, 5-6-7-8, corner of Via del Boschetto; (tel. 390647825033). Thirty different pizza choices done the Neapolitan way (thicker crust).
  • F.I.S.H.: Via dei Serpenti, 16A; (tel.390647824962). Very polished nouveau decor houses this amazing seafood restaurant. Fusion of Asian with Italian and Mediterranean menus makes for a delightful meal.
  • Le Tavernelle: Via Panisperna, 48; (tel.39064740724). A favorite of movie directors, actors, locals and artists. Have the antipasti and a grilled fish. Divine.
  • Goffredo: Via Panisperna, 231; (tel.39064740620). Founded in 1886, this restaurant serves delicious selections from various Italian regions.
  • Hotel Forum Rome Roof Garden: Via Tor de’ Conti, 25-30; (tel.39066792446), hotelforumrome.com. One of the best places to look over the Forums, the Roof Garden serves a wonderful Sunday brunch as well as dinner.
  • Il Gelatone: (The Big Ice Cream) Via dei Serpenti, 28; (tel. 39064820187). Best ice cream in Rome.
  • Ristorante Tre Archi: Via dei Coronari, 233; (tel.39066865890). A good, resting spot when you are antiquing on this street.


  • Antiques: Although there is antique shopping in the Monti area, the best streets for serious finds are Via dei Coronari and Via dei Babuina closer to the Spanish Steps.
  • Via dei Coronari: This pedestrian street lined with 15th- and 16th-century buildings houses some of the finest antiques shops in Rome. Its name originates from the merchants who sold sacred images and crowns (corone) to pilgrims on their way to St. Peter’s Basilica. Mid-May there is a street fair, which becomes an all-day event. Some of my favorite Coronari shops are: Antichita Quadri e Lanzi (215 & 63), Alessandro Meluzzi Antiquario (110), Biedermeier e Art Deco (117), Galleria dei Coronari (59-147), Anna Maria Quattrini (185/186), Spc/ Society Ornamentum (227), Milena Tanca (230).
  • The Monti-area shopping streets of Via del Boschetto, Via dei Serpenti, Via Leonina, Via Panisperna and the side streets that connect have become home to trendy designers and antique shops. Some of my favorites:
    • Area Bzz: Via del Boschetto, 3; (tel.3906485743). The designer Davide Bazzerla creates fashion that is as much art as clothing. His work is in the collection of the Museé Galliera in Paris.
    • Erboristeria: Via del Boschetto, 28; (tel.39064820816). Beauty products made from natural ingredients including the San Giovese wine-based line.
    • God Save the Look: Via Panisperna, 227A; (tel.39064825211), As it sounds, vintage from the 1950s, ’60s and ’70s.
    • 244 Via Panisperna: Via Panisperna, 244; (tel.39064880598). Shoes!
    • Mia Market: Via Panisperna 225; (tel.390647824611). A new market/dining concept pairing organic foods with recyclable goods in a kitchen-like setting. Everything is for sale.
    • Spazio Artigiano: Via dei Serpenti, 13; (tel.39064834860) Handmade crafts from all over Europe will delight and surprise you.