What Millennials Want to See on Screen

"Reclaimed Roles," a photo series by local photographer Joe Lowrey and creative director Cat Burton, imagines what iconic films could look like with more diverse leads.

Pittsburgh photographer Joe Lowrey and creative director Cat Burton have reimagined iconic films including “The Matrix,” “Alice in Wonderland” and “The Sound of Music” featuring only people of color in this photo series. 

Lowrey and Burton recently displayed their artwork at an exhibition at East Liberty's Social Status.

“This series serves to highlight the lack of minority representation in the entertainment industry and visuals for what we hope to see more of in the future,” Burton wrote in a social media post announcing the exhibit. 

Find more photos from “Reclaimed Roles” here.

The team's next project, called “Every Body Gonna Shine,” will debut on social media on Oct. 19. Lowrey says it is inspired by Lizzo —  a body-positive music artist — and will include photos of plus-size models recreating famous magazine covers.

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