We’re Googling Some Pretty Weird Stuff, You Guys

Pennsylvania’s search history reveals some hairy results.


Pennsylvania, you’re weird. Not as backwoods weird as Ohio, not as confusingly weird as Maryland and definitely not as concerningly weird as Texas, but still pretty out there.

Based on the analysis of search queries through Google Trends, Estately aggregated a list of the most popular search terms for each state. Popular Pennsylvania search terms included: back shaving, competitive eating, furries, malt liquor, heroin, online dating and jello wrestling – but let’s not stop there.

We’ve also been searching for information on:

  • “Married With Children”
  • The Eagles (band)
  • Madden (videogame)
  • Taylor Swift (annoying human)


Possibly the most outrageous search phrase asks, “What is ketchup?” Really, fellow Pennsylvanians? The answer is Heinz.

South Dakota’s leading search term for Nickelback somehow feels more embarrassing than all the rest. As the kids say these days: SMH, South Dakota. SMH.

Also, we kind of want to move to Maine now.


#Green: Today’s Google Doodle celebrates Rachel Carson


Speaking of Google, the search giant’s daily homepage illustration celebrates Pittsburgh-born environmentalist Rachel Carson today. Carson was a pioneer in the green movement beginning in the 1950s and published her most famous work, “Silent Spring,” in 1962. Carson died just two years later. She would have been 107 years old today.

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