#Wedding: What’s Trending in the Wedding World

Married couples talk hashtags — and why they used them at their weddings.

​photo by Andria Zutich Photography

In the digital age, more and more couples are using technology to plan their wedding. And from email invitations to wedding websites, spreading the word is becoming a lot easier.

Enter the wedding hashtag, a great way for guests to share their photographs from the wedding with everyone — particularly the bride and groom. Professional photographers can catch the big moments, while guests use the hashtag to capture the more candid memories of the day — whether silly or sweet.

photo by Andria Zutich Photography


As someone with professional social media experience and a love for puns, Jessica Brown knew she wanted to have a hashtag for her wedding to Michael Mey. The hashtag was actually one of the first things the couple decided on very early — even before picking the wedding venue.

“I got such a fun last name with Mey, there were a lot of possibilities. #itsgonnabemey or #marrymey were options,” Jessica says. “We had a huge list to choose from when I sat down and thought about it! But in the end, #meyday2016 just seemed to sum up the occasion the best.”

Jessica and Michael recommend that other couples use a hashtag at their wedding —  especially if their guests are active on social media — because it can be a great trip down memory lane later on.

“It was great to search the hashtag on our honeymoon and see how much fun people had, as well as save the photos for myself,” Jessica says.

photo by Eva lin photography


Like all engaged couples, Corey Bruce and Rebecca Kalla wanted to have the “best wedding ever.” Unlike most couples, their name, Bruce, proved to be a great subsitute for “best,” so the couple created a fun hashtag to complete their special day.

But besides the well-placed pun, the couple really wanted a hashtag so that friends and family could share the pictures they took on the couple’s wedding day.

photo by Eva lin photography

“It's so nice after the wedding to look at the pictures. Last week, I … typed in our hashtag and it was so fun to see the videos and pictures,” Rebecca says. “I would say yes to having a hashtag!”

photo by tara bennett photography


Nina Sainato and Freddie Nelson wanted a clever hashtag to complete their Tim Burton-themed wedding, but had some trouble coming up with an idea.

“As we got closer to the date and realized there was going to be a super moon on the night of the wedding, I felt it was important to reference Tim Burton/Halloween in some way, so we came up with #NightmareBeforeNelson,” Nina says. “An unconventional hashtag to accompany our unconventional wedding!”

photo by tara bennett photography

Nina, a freelance web designer, says she believes hashtags are becoming more and more essential to weddings. Besides providing another outlet for creativity, a hashtag is a great way to collect those spontaneous moments of the day.

“Everyone in attendance is going to have their own perspective and their own experience at your wedding, right?” she says. “Thanks to technology and social media, it’s amazing that we are able to instantly share those experiences to create even more memories.”

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