Wedding-Wear Question: To Veil or Not to Veil?

Are veils in or out? The decision is ultimately a personal one, but we found some stunning variations modeled by recent Pittsburgh brides.

To veil, or not to veil? That is the question. With so many style options out there, choosing a traditional veil may feel unoriginal. Veils also may be expensive, and most brides end up wearing them for only part of the big day. On the other hand, many women say they don’t truly feel like a bride until the first time they see themselves in a veil. We rounded up some Pittsburgh brides to help you grapple with this eternal wedding-wear question.

If you want a chic vintage vibe, a birdcage might be the way to go.

photos by Veronica varos and laurel mountain photography

For spring and summer weddings, flower crowns create a fun, whimsical effect.

photos by ann louise Photography and nicole cassano photography

Ask your hairdresser to weave ornaments into an intricate up-do for something elegant and understated.

photos by laurel mountain photography and aaron varga photography

If you’re going for a classic, upscale look, a jeweled headband makes a glamorous statement piece.

photos by ann Louise photography and Leeann marie photography

photos by edward Sky and ann Louise photography

photo by tabi

Of course, traditional veils make a pretty good case for themselves, too.

photo by Leeann Marie photography

Can’t make up your mind? Wear two looks at once, as did this creative bride.

At the end of the day, the best veil decision is the style that makes you feel the most like you. You can adorn your head in a way that displays your personality or keep things traditional if you always imagined yourself in a long, white veil. And don’t forget, you also can mix and match! Plenty of brides wear veils to the ceremony and then switch into a different headpiece for the reception, so you can have your veil and wear it, too.


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