Wedding Shoes: Putting the Right Foot Forward

These three brides share how they picked the perfect shoes for their wedding day and how you can, too.

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Putting the right foot forward is important, especially on your wedding day. Do you pick heels? Flats? Something entirely out of the ordinary? These brides give their best advice for choosing a shoe with the perfect fit while keeping in mind comfort, fashion and your personal style.


In Love with Lace: High Heel Booties

Jennine Wedge wanted her wedding to Troy Beaver on Oct. 24, 2015 to be as personalized as possible. Her shoes, then, needed to reflect her individual style.

She chose a pair of lace bootie heels from Nordstrom that matched the blush hue of her wedding dress. “I love booties, for any season, any outfit, any color,” Jennine explains. “I fell in love with these shoes the minute I found them.”

The lace and peep-toe details on these Chinese Laundry shoes were exactly the kind of personalized touches Jennine was looking for on her big day. As a bonus, Jennine knows they’re shoes she will absolutely wear again.

Jennine says being confident on her wedding day was essential to her. “They reflected my own personal style,” she says. “They were exactly what I wanted.”

Although Jennine wore heels, booties aren’t a typical choice for a wedding day. To Jennine, though, the choice made perfect sense.

“In my mind, a lot of things about our wedding day were pretty not traditional, so if my shoe choice was the same, it was fine by me,” she says. On the day of the wedding, everyone from the guests to her husband loved her choice.

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Somewhere over the Rainbow: Fabulous Flats

For Chelsea Hoskinson’s wedding, also on Oct. 24, the bride walked down the aisle with something blue on her feet — as well as something red, orange, green, indigo and violet.

Her rainbow flats were from the Steve Madden aisle at DSW. Although Chelsea loves heels, she says flats were the perfect choice. “I wear flats almost every day at work,” she says. “They’re like home base for me. I knew I wouldn’t be wobbly or worried descending down a staircase and walking down the aisle.”

Chelsea says shoe shopping was the last task on her mind in the months leading up to the wedding. Then, with just a few weeks to go, she found herself unable to find shoes that perfectly matched her black, white and metallic gold color scheme. When her mother pointed out the colorful flats in DSW, Chelsea knew they were perfect. “I love Steve Madden flats, and I have over a dozen different colors of them as is,” she says.

Chelsea says she decided not to tell people about her shoe choice until they saw them at the wedding. “Sharing your wedding plans with people can lead to awkward moments where they tell you things you don’t want to hear,” she explains. Despite her apprehension, the flash of rainbow at the hem of her dress was a crowd-pleaser on the day of her wedding to Josh Rowntree.

photo by By Leeann Marie Photography

Pretty in Pink: Lace Flats

When Erin Hackworth married Andrew Curran on Sept. 12, 2015, she was concerned with comfort over all else.

“On a day where I’m going to be on my feet and wearing shoes for more than 14 hours, I needed to be comfortable,” she explains.

For her shoe search, she took to the internet. A simple Amazon search for “pink lace flats” led her to her adorable, BellaMarie shoes. The best part? They were only $12 total — including shipping costs.

Although Erin was in love with her shoes, not everyone agreed with her choice. “There was some argument that I should wear heels from a few people because it gives you better posture,” says Erin. “I replied, ‘I’ll just stand up straighter.’”

Erin’s wedding day and her shoe choice was about her and her personal style. “I very much wanted my first kiss with my husband to be a normal height kiss between us, and I’m so happy it was,” she says.


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