We All Scream

The ladies of The Goodie Truck want to be your sugar mommas.

Forget Fudgsicles, Choco Tacos and the monotonous chimes of the Good Humor truck. We’re talking homemade snickerdoodle sandwiches stuffed with strawberry ice cream and the smooth sounds of The Archies’ “Sugar, Sugar” calling everyone in the whole neighborhood to come running.

Thanks to Jajean Morgan and Millie Gregor, owners of The Goodie Truck, some city neighborhoods have something better to scream about this summer.

The roaming sweets shop offers an ever-changing menu of desserts “like Mom used to make,” including chocolate-covered frozen bananas, mini Key lime pies, peanut-butter-loaded brownies and candy apples so red they nearly match the color of the truck itself.

The pair met about five years ago while working at The Chocolate Moose in Squirrel Hill and instantly became friends with a common goal: to start a business. The start-up process was brief, says Gregor, a 25-year-old Point Breeze resident. The duo scoured eBay and purchased an old, rusty mini-school bus from New Jersey for $5,000. Upon its arrival they stripped the paint and bathed the truck in warm 1950s décor, including their hand-painted logo—a busty pin-up ‘gal wearing a toque and serving a platter of chocolate cake.

Jaljean Morgan and  Millie Gregor deliver the sweet taste of 


Gregor and Morgan, a 37-year-old mother from Squirrel Hill, hit the streets in late fall 2008 and remain active at events throughout the year, even in the winter when hot chocolate and warm chocolate-chip cookies are the big sellers. 

The entrepreneurs proudly count on one hand the number of times their truck has broken down, although last December they had to rely on the holiday spirit of their friends and fans after an engine failure. Thankfully, a fundraising party was a success, and The Goodie Truck will roll on this summer—usually through Squirrel Hill, Shadyside and downtown, although the pair makes house calls to businesses and events in other areas upon request.

Gregor and Morgan bake about four times a week and are constantly inventing new creations, like Sweet Inferno Chips, which are spicy tortillas dipped in chocolate. The self-confessed sweet tooths are sweethearts, too. They often give away treats to children who come up to their window without money.

So please, if you hear The Temptations wafting through your neighborhood this summer, make a mad dash into the house for some scratch. Isn’t that half the fun after all?

Find out where the ladies of The Goodie Truck will be next by following them on Twitter at twitter.com/thegoodietruck.

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