Watch This ‘Pittsburgh Dad’ to Finally See Deb and the Kids

“Street Light Stories,” the newest short film for the popular web series, finally shows us the characters who are on the receiving end of “Dad's” comments and criticisms, but who were never seen before now.

“Street Light Stories,” set in the 1987, gets its name from the often-heard summer demand by parents that their children return home for dinner before the streetlights turn on.

“The authenticity is more important to us than the jokey-joke fun,” director Chris Presksta told the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette after screenings Tuesday evening at the Century Square Luxury Cinemas in West Mifflin. “Our hope is most of the country will get it, but Pittsburghers will get something extra.”

The film was well received with many viewers telling the PG it had the Pittsburgh feel other sitcoms don’t.

“Everything that was in the kitchen, your mother had,” including the kitchen witch, said Tara Seech of South Park. “It was like eating comfort food and talking to my neighbors on my porch,” another moviegoer added.

“Street Light Stories” is not a finished product. Preksta says the Curt Wootton (Dad) and the rest of the cast is still working on a longer version of the movie.

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