Watch: This CBC Montage Will Pump You Up for Game 2

Get ready to want to run through a brick wall.


No one does presentation quite like the Canadian Broadcasting Company. NBCSports has been an improvement, but it's hard to see what hockey could be in the U.S. if the media embraced it with the same heart. Instead, we get a cheap NFL replica with two chuckleheads squawking at one another in faux-macho outrage in an overlit studio.

Ah, well.

Pulling No Punches will have a full recap of Game 2 tomorrow morning, but here's what we're reading:

  • Brandon Sutter knows it's time for him to produce points (Tribune-Review)

  • Phil Bourque on '90s "wild child" Jaromir Jagr and his unpaid speeding tickets (Boston Globe)

  • This picture of an 18-year-old Jagr arriving in Pittsburgh wearing a bald eagle T-shirt and Canadian tuxedo is the stuff dreams are made of (Reddit)

  • Mike Colligan has an interesting bird's eye breakdown of the Bruins and Penguins' systems. Spoiler: Bruins are predictable but efficient (The Hockey Writers)

Our take: Dan Bylsma does a better job of getting Sidney Crosby away from Patrice Bergeron and Sid, who had an unusually mediocre Game 1, lights the world on fire tonight.