Watch: Starling Marte Hangs Up Kid’s ‘Get Well’ Drawing in Dugout

The injured Pirates outfielder gets a little inspiration from a young fan.



Starling Marte had a reason to be severely bummed out. Earlier this week, the Pirates outfielder was placed on the 15-day disabled list after spraining his hand. So one caring young fan brought a drawing with a very special message to PNC Park last night: Get better, Starling. (Huge props for nailing the spelling.)

Marte spotted the sign and liked it so much that he hung it up in the dugout. Sure beats the family refrigerator.


#Swag: Are fashion trucks the next big trend?

Photo courtesy of The Roadie Truck


Our mobile-food vendors have been bringing the party to restaurant parking lots, birthday parties and special events. Fortunately for us, food's not the only viable mobile business model: A trio of fashion-truck owners are hoping to help locals roll out in style.

Here's a quick play-by-play:

Samantha, owner of the Broke Little Rich Girl truck, started her business with the intent to "outfit all women so they can look and feel fabulous without spending a ton of money." Her "boutique on wheels" made its first appearance last month, and it rewards repeat customers via the "Frequently Fabulous Card" program.

Style Truck's motto — "Have fashion will travel" — leads us to believe that the style-savvy staff will drive the distance to deliver fashionable finds to those in need of a wardrobe boost. The truck, which still has yet to make its debut, is focused on clothing for women. 

Roadie, the city's first fashion truck, offers vintage-inspired apparel for women and, on occasion, for young girls. The fashionista owner, who is currently on the West Coast, even received some love from The Huffington Post. Head to the Strip District's social club, Bayardstown, next month for a Roadie party.


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