Watch: Pittsburgh Chef Spices Up Mountain Bike Road Trip

Justin Severino cooks his way through the Appalachians.


Five years ago, Justin Severino started an annual tradition with his three best friends, dubbed the “Bike Bro Mountain Bike Trip.” This year, the group shredded through Appalachian trails, making their way from Pittsburgh all the way to Asheville, N.C. But while mountain biking is a hobby enjoyed by many, the acclaimed chef and owner of Pittsburgh restaurants Cure and Morcilla, takes it to another level.

The real thing that elevates this journey: the cuisine. During the trip, Severino cooks up a legendary and massive selection of meats for his cohorts — treating them to more than 90 ounces of steak, huge slabs of bacon and multiple styles of sausage. The trip is so delicious that it caught the attention of Red Bull, who this year, documented the biking, banter and cooking over an open fire from start to finish.

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