Watch Furries Frolick, Impressively Eat French Fries at Anthrocon 2014

Thousands of party animals once again descended on downtown for a weekend of furry fun.


Essential ingredients for Fourth of July weekend: fireworks, barbecues . . . and Furries? If you spent this past weekend in and around downtown, there’s a good possibility you witnessed all three.

This weekend, more than 5,000 costume-wearing fans from across the globe headed to the David L. Lawrence Convention Center for Anthrocon 2014 — the world’s largest annual convention of anthropomorphic characters, otherwise known as Furries.

They hopped, they frolicked and they took a ton of selfies with delighted spectators. Some even repped USA Soccer and NHL teams by wearing jerseys over their costumes while going through town trying out some of Pittsburgh’s nearby eateries including Ten Penny. (Check out the 44 second mark of the video above for an amazing shot of a Furry being fed a french fry by a pal. Now that’s dedication.)

Here’s hoping that Anthrocon returns to Pittsburgh once again next year. The organization claims the convention generates more than $6 million in direct spending in the city.

— Sam Fatula


#Homes: Pittsburgh’s real-estate ratio levels with the nation

The typical Pittsburgher's home is one-and-a-half times their yearly income, according to a report by NPR’s Planet Money blog. The interactive article compares a city’s median income with the average cost of a home in the area from 1988 to 2014. Pittsburgh hovers around the nation’s standard, but the city defies an economic trend: Instead of spiking during the housing bubble (roughly from 2002 to 2008), the Steel City maintained a steady a ratio.

— Joelle Smith


#Props: Esquire editors tip their hat to Pittsburgh

The editors of Esquire magazine took a dip in the pool of Pittsburgh fabulousness, while trekking cross-country last Tuesday. Esquire’s James Joiner showcased a smattering of Steel City staples in his ongoing feature, Style Across America. Joiner’s entry highlighted polished, beloved institutions including Larrimor’s and the Carnegie Museums. Joiner also gave BRGR and Butcher and the Rye a nod. The man’s got amazing taste, if we do say so ourselves.

— Joelle Smith


#Money: IKEA to raise minimum wage for American employees, but Pittsburgh is the lowest paid

Anytime the word “IKEA” surfaces, you’re guaranteed one of two emotions: excitement for finally replacing old furniture or ultimate confusion of trying to assemble something with way too many umlauts in its name.

Although in recent news, the retail chain only brings signs of rejoice when it agreed to increase the minimum wage for employees to $10.76 an hour, a 17 percent increase from its original set rate.

Don’t expect to receive $10.76 if you’re working at a Pittsburgh location, though. An Ikea employee in the surrounding area will receive as low as $8.69 per hour, due to low living costs and taxes. Because if you recall, Pittsburgh is a pretty cheap date in comparison to the majority of U.S. metropolitan areas.

— Sam Fatula

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