Watch: A Deer’s Dip in a Ross Township Pool Goes Viral

A Ross Township man kept his cool in the pool when a fawn decided to go for a swim.

Kevin Brady, 55 of Ross Township, may have earned a new nickname: “the deer whisperer.” With calm words he cradled a fawn which had jumped into the pool at the Mews of Town North on Aug. 20. 

"It just seemed like the right thing to do at the time," Brady told the Trib. "I didn't want to see the poor little deer die in the pool."

In the video, Brady is seen cradling the deer in shoulder-deep water and coordinating others, including a Ross Police officer, to create a path for the deer to exit. Brady soothes the crying and kicking deer with petting and affirmations of “I got you, I got you,” and “It’s alright.”

The fawn is eventually delivered to the pool deck, wrapped and towels and carried to the exit.  

The deer is last seen running off, hopefully staying on dry land for a while.

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