Want Your Kids to Smell Better? Try Super, Natural Soap

This is how to clean up — and be green. Supernatural Soap is made from organic ingredients.


Talk about a fresh scent. The organic and sustainable products found in the Supernatural Soap gift box [$55] — including soap made from cedarwood and sea clay and a rose tea toner — contain herbs grown in founder Rachel Dudley’s own backyard garden.

A mother of two teenage boys, Dudley makes the small-batch soap and skin-care items at her home studio in Dormont. As pretty as the soaps look, they smell even better.

And if the soap labels look charmingly handmade, that’s because they are. Dudley, who also works in a garden center, writes and cuts the labels herself to reduce paper use. The packaging also is compostable, recyclable or reusable.

Up next, Dudley has plans in May to release of line of all-natural botanical perfumes on her Supernatural Soap Etsy shop.

Available at Supernatural Soap

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