Want to Know if Your Pittsburgh Street Is on the Paving List?

The city of Pittsburgh has launched an interactive map to show which roads are on the rehab list.

a screen capture of pittsburgh's new, interactive, street-paving map


The Pittsburgh Public Works department plans to pave about 44 miles of city streets this summer, and until recently, most people didn’t know which streets, until the asphalt truck pulled up.

Now, as they could do with snow plows in the winter, residents can review an interactive map to find out if their street is on the repaving list.

Public works officials tell the Pittsburgh Tribune-Review that they will rely on street condition data from the city’s Pavement Management system, 311 requests and condition reports from staff members to determine which streets will be paved.


#HealthyRide: Highmark, Allegheny Health Network sponsor bike-share program

Starting in May, you won’t need your own bike to take a lunchtime ride. Five hundred bicycles available for borrowing will be placed at 50 designated spots throughout downtown, the South Side and Oakland.

Highmark and the Allegheny Health Network are sponsoring the Healthy Ride program. Users simply register using a mobile app, kiosk or by phone to sign up for either monthly memberships or individual rentals. All the details can be found at the Healthy Ride website.

Here’s how it works in a nutshell:

  • Registered users enter the bike number at a docking station, and the bike is automatically released.
  • Ride anywhere you want and return the bike to an official station when you are finished.
  • Prices range from $2 for a 30-minute ride to $20 a month for unlimited 60-minute rides

“Healthy Ride will give residents and visitors to our city a practical, usable option for their everyday transportation,” said David White, executive director of Pittsburgh Bike Share, in a news release. “With this launch, we are joining the company of more than 500 cities worldwide with thriving bike share programs,” he said in a statement.

There are similar bike-share systems in Washington, D.C., Boston, Minneapolis, Chicago, and New York City.

“This unique collaboration is an example of the great things that can be accomplished when government and community organizations join together with a common goal,” said Mayor Bill Peduto in a statement. “Healthy Ride is good for residents, commuters, students and tourists and will strengthen our standing as one of our nation’s most livable cities.”


Alligator in florida everglades. Photo by alexander montuschi via flickr creative commons


Two people have told police that they spotted an alligator in the Monongahela River near Belle Vernon. Officers say because the reported sightings were at different times by different people, it may be legitimate, KDKA-TV reported.

The first sighting came Tuesday night.

“A local resident was down here at the wharf and saw that he believed was a log going against the current upstream. He said he’s been a fisherman in these waters all his life, he knows what he saw. It was not a fish, it was an alligator,” Southwest Regional police chief John Hartman told the TV station. “The head of the gator was out of the water about seven inches and he saw the eyes shining, two eyes looking at him.”

The other sighting was a day earlier by a Brownsville man.

Since then, the gator, if it exists, has been on the downlow, but residents in the area are asked to be on the lookout.



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