Want Something New in Your Mug? Get a Coffee Passport

Passport is your ticket to exploring indie coffee shops in Pittsburgh.

photos courtesy Coffee Passport Pittsburgh


Much like the region’s microbreweries appeal to beer lovers, independent coffee houses appeal to customers looking for alternatives to the big chains. Coffee Passport Pittsburgh is a new way to experience the unique atmospheres and the high-quality brews of indie coffee shops around Pittsburgh.

Here’s how it works. After purchasing a passport for $20, you can take it to any of the 10 participating indie coffee shops to redeem one specialty drink from the shop’s curated menu for passport holders. It can be purchased online, at an authorized retailer or any of the participating passport coffee shops, and it’s valid through June 30.


“A lot of people just think indie coffee shops are just more money but they put so much thought into their craft, from every bean brought into the shop to the bonds baristas form with the machines,” says photographer Julie Kahlbaugh, who founded Coffee Passport Pittsburgh. “Each shop tells a story and is an important part of their community.”

According to Kahlbaugh, business owners that have partnered with Coffee Passport Pittsburgh have noticed an increase in business.


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