Veg Out For Fall

This season offers an abundance of nature's bounty. Here are some tasty ways to spread that wealth around with corn, zukes and tomatoes.

For a bargain hunter like myself, there is no better time than the fall at the local farmers markets. The abundance of the season really peaks in September, and you can often buy a bushel of tomatoes or zucchini for the same price you paid for a quart back in July.

Last year at our family reunion in North Carolina, my sister, Pauline, brought a bushel of red peppers she had purchased from a farm stand near her home in Raleigh. We roasted, fried, stuffed and grilled those peppers and had them for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

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When corn is in season, it’s always tempting to pick up a few dozen ears because the cost is down to 10 or 20 cents an ear. This winter, I saw a package of four ears of corn in the produce section of the supermarket priced at $6.99!

There’s nothing wrong with boiling up too much corn to eat at one sitting. Cut the corn from the cobs and store it in the refrigerator for soups and salads, or freeze it for casseroles all winter long.

One of my favorite fall casseroles is a combination of zucchini and corn surrounded by the crunch of croutons and flavored with a tangy Vermont cheddar. It’s the perfect meal to cozy up to when the fall nights start to chill-and when you’re trying to figure out to do with all those zukes.

Chris Fennimore is the director of programming at WQED and the producer/host for QED Cooks. Follow his blog on food and family at

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