Toppers That Take the Cake

Over the traditional bride and groom standing on top of your cake? Try some of these different ideas for cake toppers.

As modern weddings take over, old traditions are seen less and less. Alongside the retrieval of the garter and the dollar dance, the traditional cake topper seems to be fading out.

While many couples opt to leave their cakes bare or decorate them with flowers or colored frosting, these couples decided to don their cakes with unconventional toppers.

Josh Bench & Janelle Hestin

Photo by Jenna Hidinger Photography

Amidst the golden chairs, vases and frames decorating Josh Bench and Janelle Hestin’s wedding reception at the Embassy Suites by Hilton Downtown Pittsburgh, a golden “B” sat atop their wedding cake. The “B” stood out beautifully against the white cake, which was decorated with frosting flowers.

The same “B” topped a thank you note that was displayed for guests within the decor. Incorporating the new shared initial into wedding decor is common, but Janelle and Josh’s exposition tops the rest. Their Sept. 30 wedding was decorated with ivory, gold and burgundy, making their simple cake topper the perfect fit.

Adam Longshore & Katie Kurtzman

Photo by Ryan Zarichnak Photography

Also married on Sept. 30, Katie Kurtzman and Adam Longshore wanted to pay tribute at their wedding to something they both love: music.

The couple met at a concert, providing even more of a reason to integrate music into their wedding day.

Their cake topper, which reads “Foreva Eva,” depicts words from the lyrics to an Outkast song, a band Katie says they both love. A different Outkast song announced their entrance into their reception at The Edgewood Club.

Though Katie notes that Outkast, a hip-hop/rap group, isn’t necessarily a common choice for wedding music, she and Adam wanted to do something fun that represented their relationship. The special cake topper crowned a funfetti cake made only for the bride and groom, while guests received whoopie pies.

“I didn’t want the silhouette of a bride and groom,” Katie says. “I wanted something more fun.”

Phillip Conley & Bethany Berkstresser

Photo by Jenna Hidinger Photography

Bethany Berkstresser and Phillip Conley had a similar idea to showcase music at their wedding.

The couple, married on Sept. 9, had a unique cake topper featured at their reception at The University Club. Their white cake, decorated with golden streaks and purple flowers, was topped off with a two-piece gold wire design: a treble clef and a bass clef heart.

When Bethany and Phillip met in their 20s, they both were in bands. Now, the couple is in indie synth pop band Balloon Ride Fantasy together. Their cake topper was custom-made by a craft maker on Etsy, but when Bethany received it, she didn’t think it popped enough. After a few coats of spray paint, Bethany thought the topper was perfect.

The newlyweds gave out chocolate music notes made by Phillip’s mother as favors, and the cake topper was the perfect blend of music and love, which was essential for their wedding day.

“We wanted our love for music to come through, but not too much,” Bethany says. “[The cake topper] was minimalist enough but brought out the idea.”

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