Top 10 ZIP Codes in the Pittsburgh-Area Housing Market

Based on data from Zillow, these are the neighborhoods where home values are on the rise.

photo by Dave DiCello

Most homes appreciate in value over time, but which ones increase in value the quickest? As is the case with most issues in real estate, location is key.

American City Business Journals, which owns the Pittsburgh Business Times, used data from  Zillow to rank the hottest Pittsburgh-area housing markets by ZIP code.

Each ranking was calculated using change in a home’s value quarter-by-quarter, year-over-year, over five years and the area’s overall turnover rate.

Here are the top 10:

  1. 15213 Pittsburgh (Oakland)
  2. 15212 Pittsburgh (North Side area)
  3. 15224 Pittsburgh (Bloomfield, Garfield, Polish Hill)
  4. 15214 Pittsburgh (Perry, Summer HIll, Northview Heights)
  5. 15201 Pittsburgh (Lawrenceville, Stanton Heights)
  6. 15112 Pittsburgh (East Pittsburgh)
  7. 15012 Belle Vernon
  8. 15206 Pittsburgh (Highland Park, East Liberty, Shadyside)
  9. 16205 Chicora
  10. 15114 Springdale

Read the complete list here.

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