Top-10 Soups

10 Best Bowls

Folino’s Exotic Cream of Mushroom: Cream-based and filled with locally-grown onions, forest mushrooms and a hint of white truffle paste, this soup won the judge’s and people’s choice awards at last year’s South Side Mid-Winter Soup Contest ( 1719 East Carson St., South Side; 412/488-8108,

Umi Japanese Restaurant’s Miso Lobster Soup:
Traditional Japanese miso gets an upgrade with tender lobster. 5849 Ellsworth Ave., Shadyside; 412/362-6198,

Original Soup Man’s Seafood Bisque: New York City’s most famous soup vendor—made famous by a Seinfeld skit based on him—sells his rich soups, including the creamy seafood bisque, downtown. 410 Forbes Ave., downtown; 412/281-6400,

Tram’s Kitchen’s Pho:
A traditional Vietnamese breakfast soup, pho combines rice noodles and braised beef in savory broth and is said to have medicinal qualities. 4050 Penn Ave., Lawrenceville; 412/682-2688.

Pittsburgh Deli Co.’s Matzo Ball: Lightly seasoned broth and textured matzo make this the perfect soup for a light lunch. 728 Copeland St., Shadyside; 412/682-3354,

Dish Osteria & Bar’s Pasta e Fagioli: Dish runs a soup of the day, but if you’re lucky enough to visit when chef Michele Savoia is stirring a pot of pasta e fagioli, filled with beans and pastini, don’t miss out. 128 South 17th St., South Side; 412/390-2012,

Gullifty’s French Onion:
Usually, Gullifty’s is recognized on “best” lists for its sweets. But the restaurant’s bubbling crocks of French onion soup are equally worthy of praise. 1922 Murray Ave., Squirrel Hill; 412/521-8222,

Pusadee’s Garden’s Tom Kar:
With its base of coconut milk, lime juice, red pepper paste and fish sauce, this traditional Thai soup is topped with fresh cilantro. 4321 Butler St., Lawrenceville; 412/781-8724.

Christo’s Chicken Lemon: The chef at this small Greek restaurant in the Strip District used to cook for Jackie O. His chicken lemon soup incorporates tender chicken, lemon juice and oregano. 130 Sixth St., downtown; 412/261-6442.

Tessaro’s Chili:
You have the option to add chopped onions or cheddar cheese to Tessaro’s chili, made fresh daily and almost as well-known as its gourmet burgers. 4601 Liberty Ave., Bloomfield; 412/682-6809.

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