Tom Green Brings His World to Pittsburgh

Stand-up comedy king Tom Green touches down at the Improv in Homestead for three nights this weekend as part of his Tom Green World Stand-Up Comedy Tour.

The world is his playground, and his stand-up comedy tour is a lesson in how to crack up the class old-school style. The Tom Green World Stand-Up Comedy Tour is like recess for adults who are yearning to reach for the highest of the monkey bars—anxious to swing along with the raucous comedian. His crazy, quick-witted sprint around the grass and turf—literally from Los Angeles to Pittsburgh to Afghanistan and back—lends itself to Green’s hilarious yet smart commentary on the world.

A comedy-show host and producer, a self-described low-maintenance world traveler and hard-core rapper who can bust a rhyme with icons like Xzibit, Green knows what makes the world go ’round. “It’s finding the humor in everyday situations,” says Green by phone from his Hollywood Hills home in LA. Lounging next to him were his Siberian huskies: Annie, a rescue dog, and Steve. “Steve is actually a girl,” says Green. “I just thought it’d be fun to name her a guy’s name.” His green-winged Macaw, Rex, was also nearby. “Rex doesn’t speak too much—just your basic ‘hello’ or ‘hi.’”

In June, Green will be shooting a one-hour Showtime comedy special. It’s just another accomplishment of his since first gaining notoriety on MTV’s “The Tom Green Show” in 1999.

During the early ’90s, the Canadian comic was the front man for Organized Rhyme, a hip-hop group, and in the early millennium, Green acted in comedy classics such as Road Trip. Recently, he returned from Afghanistan, where he performed an hour of stand-up for Canadian, U.S., British, Australian and other military forces.

Since 2006, Green has hosted “Tom Green’s House Tonight,” which broadcasts on Where does he get his best ideas for his stand up material? “Touring,” says Green. “I write new material constantly about everyday stuff—from addiction to the Internet to television to celebrity and culture. It’s what makes up the world.”

For more on Tom Green and “Tom Green’s House Tonight,” visit And to learn about the Tom Green World Stand-Up Comedy Tour, visit his YouTube channel.

Tom Green’s Eight Great Tweets
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Q&A with Tom Green

PM: In Japanese, the term “otaku” refers to people who have an obsessive interest in computers. Would that explain your success online?
T.G.: Can you repeat the question?

To what level on the Web are you taking your obsession for comedy?
Ah, I’m hoping to find a few things out this week, actually. It’s time to take the Web show to the next level: a comedy network for the Internet producing shows.

Recently, Hollywood is into producing character movies all about comic-book superheroes versus supervillains. Which green character would you rather play: the Green Hornet, a masked crime fighter, or the Green Goblin, a criminal joker?
I don’t know the difference, but I can tell you about Batman and Spiderman.

If you could hang out in any decade, which one would it be?
The ’80s and the ’90s were fun and exciting, but every decade’s been good to me.

Speaking of decades, you have a big birthday coming up at the end of July.
That’s true. I turn four decades [old] this summer. I guess I’ll have a major blowout.

You’re planning a major blowout in Pittsburgh next week at the Improv for three days and two nights. What essentials will you pack?
Definitely using only a carry-on bag [and will] pack it with some jeans, T-shirts, running shoes and socks—cannot forget the socks.

Would you take a date to a comedy club?
For sure. I love watching comedy.

Who is the funniest person you know?
That’s a hard one. I know a lot of people but would have to say Norm MacDonald and Andrew Dice Clay.

Put these next words in order of importance: sex appeal, humor, talent.
That’s a fine order—and one that’s hard to shuffle. It all depends on what mood I’m in.

When you’re in the mood for music, is there a favorite app you use?
Not on an app but probably will be soon. If I’m driving, I tune into Sirius [Satellite] Radio.

Is there a group you get down with more than others?
I like some older stuff by A Tribe Called Quest. The current group I’m into is Arcade Fire—they’re Canadian.

With Canada on the brain, how did you get into the world of comedy from Pembroke, Ontario?

I picked up on the feeling that I was funny when I was a young kid in school. My family moved enough that it was my thing to be the class clown. It took a lot of energy to a certain point, but I found enjoyment being silly—and, ultimately, decided to pursue it.

What are you in pursuit of with your Tom Green World Stand-Up Comedy Tour?
To bring high energy to Pittsburgh and make it a party.

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