Tiny Cabins Offer Weary Pittsburghers a Relaxing Escape

Located about an hour from Pittsburgh, the elegantly minimalist cabins from Getaway are nestled in nature — and offer an unplugged experience.

photos courtesy of Getaway 

In such a hyper-connected world, it may be hard for some to imagine taking a break from their phones, email and social media, but one company has created a way for people to undergo a digital detox while reconnecting with nature and peers in a relaxing, fun way.

And it’s coming to the Pittsburgh area.

Getaway, a company that rents tiny cabins, launched in 2015 in Boston to widespread media coverage.  The company has since expanded its tiny houses to Atlanta, New York and Washington D.C. and this summer is opening four outposts in Dallas, Los Angeles, Portland and the Pittsburgh/Cleveland area.

Located in Lisbon, Ohio, the newest offering — dubbed Getaway Beaver Creek — is now accepting bookings, with many summer weekends already sold out through August. The tiny cabins typically are placed within an hour or so from a large city. The Lisbon outpost is about a 45-minute drive from Pittsburgh and an hour and a half drive from Cleveland.

“We like to say that Getaway is an escape without an itinerary. It's always exciting to us when guests opt in to the mindfulness of Getaway — when they put their cell phones in the lockbox and resist the urge to try to optimize their off-time,” says Amy Jacobowitz, head of content at Getaway. “The experience really taps into the simple nostalgia of childhood — a time before cell phones, packed calendars and frequent notifications.”

While Getaway does not publicize the specific location, the 200-square foot cabins all are located 10 to 40 minutes from nature trails, 15 minutes from a restaurant and 30 minutes from a vineyard, according to the Getaway website.  Once the booking is complete, the company sends an exact address and an email with the cabin name — each named after a grandparent of the staff— and an access key code.

Because the cabins are meant to help people reconnect and relax, there is no TV, no Wi-Fi "and never will be,” the website says. There may not even be cell phone service in the area, although all the cabins are equipped with a landline to contact Getaway staff or emergency responders should it be necessary. 

The cabins each boast a mini-kitchen, bathroom and a private outdoor area with a fire pit and seating. There also are provisions and analog activities like basic games and classic novels, plus a deck of cards and a complimentary s'mores pack. “The Journal” on the Getaway website also offers insights on what to pack, campfire recipes, how to prepare for a disconnected getaway and what to do around Beaver Creek.

“I think what we're doing really resonates with those who need to take a break in order to reconnect with themselves, and come back to cities feeling refreshed and ready to be back ‘on,’” Jacobowitz says.

The cabins start at $99 per night, but can reach nearly $200 for a weekend booking. Getaway Beaver Creek has 36 cabins, including 26 two-person cabins and 10 four-person cabins. Each cabin has a queen bed, and the four-person cabins also have two lofted queen beds “so you can fight over the top bunk,” according to the website.

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